Altina Mixed Sparkling Cans


Non-Alcoholic Mixed Sparkling Cans (24 cans)

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**PREORDER – SHIPS FROM 31 MAY. Need a refill in the meantime? Order Le Blanc and Sansgria cans here**

Mixed?Cans?-?The Complete Collection

The perfect collection of botanically built non-alc wines from ALTINA.?Everything you need to for your next?picnic or BBQ.

La Vie En Rose – Crisp Rose Bubbles?

The perfect blend of delicate Pink Rose Petals and the subtle tang of Hibiscus Flowers. Finished with crisp notes while lingering in the sweetness of Orange and Apple Tarte.

Key Ingredients: Native Rosella, Pink Rose Petals, Hibiscus Flowers, sweet Orange peel,?Cayenne Pepper.

?Le Blanc – Elegant White Bubbles

The perfect blend of vibrant Native Australian Forestberry, earthy roasted Wattleseed and crisp Apple. A light and refreshing finish with the lingering warmth of cayenne and dry Green Tea.

Key Ingredients: Australian Forestberry, Native roasted Wattleseed, tart Apple,?Cayenne?Pepper, organic Green Tea.

?Sansgria – Vibrant Ruby Bubbles

The perfect blend of bold red fruits, Native Australian Riberry and lively citrus notes. A complex?and refreshing finish with a hint of spice and vanilla notes.

Key Ingredients: Native Australian Riberry, shiraz?Grapes, sweet Orange,?Cayenne Pepper.



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