Altina Le Blanc


Non-Alcoholic Le Blanc (6 bottles)

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Altina Le Blanc -?Elegant White Bubbles

Altina Le Blanc?is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative built from natural ingredients and native Australian botanicals.? Each ingredient is carefully chosen and expertly blended.? The tasting experience is nuanced and layered.? Delicious flavours build in complexity as you sip. We combine the ritual and theatre of wine with the discovery of new natural ingredients.

Altina Le Blanc?is a crisp style bubbles. The bouquet is a burst of Australian Forestberry and tart Apple.? These lively notations continue throughout the palate??s journey tempered by dry and delicate tannins of Green Tea with the nuttiness of native Wattleseed.? The finish delivers a refreshing and balanced acidity that gently lingers with the subtle warmth of Cayenne Pepper.

Serve ice cold in a sparkling wine glass. Perfect drinking when you want to relax at the end of the day.



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