Book Bird Page Holder (Booze Gift)


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A Unique Gift For Readers of Books

What Is A Book Bird Page Holder?

A Book Bird is a simple yet very effective tool which allows the user to hold a book open with one hand. 

Who Are These Great For?

These are great for book readers who:

– want to hold a book open with one hand while holding say a cup of tea or coffee… or maybe a beer / wine, for instance, in their other hand.

– suffer from arthritis or have other issues holding a book open, e.g. weaker grip

– like to read a book laying down or on their side

– a primary school teacher / early educator who reads with the book facing the children

– a parent reading while holding a baby / toddler

Why Are They Called Book Birds?

They get their name from the bird like shape of the holder.

What Are The Made From?

These Book Bird page holders are Australian designed and handmade in Australia from Australian hardwood, mostly spotted gum. 


The Book Bird page holders are available with 3 sizes of holes for fingers to fit in. These are as follows:

– 19mm / 0.75 inches ideal for women with thin fingers

– 22mm / 0.87 inches ideal for women with larger fingers / men with thin fingers 

– 25mm / 0.98 inches ideal for men with thick fingers 


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